How to WOW your customers

What would your immediate thought be, if I said that Disney is every company’s competitor!  Don’t stop reading just yet, because you think I am not talking to you.  Just ponder this for a few moments.

Why? Well Disney delivers exceptional customer service. They don’t just give you a great experience, they go above and beyond that. They manage to create experiences that live on in the memory for years.  Memories that you look back on and raise a smile.

If you or your company could just harness some of that fantastic customer service and your clients/customers talk about you, enthuse about you, that gives you and your business a great opportunity.  It creates a process which is incredibly powerful and people want to work with you.  It means you are not constantly searching for new clients, instead they are searching for you.

So how do you start to make this happen? Well the first step is to engage your team. If your team are on board and understand why you are going above and beyond they will know within which boundaries they can work to make a great experience for your clients. Once you have a way in which to deliver great service you want to ensure that time after time it happens, it happens without having to think about it.

There is no denying that some people can pull this off better than others.  If you want to improve your chances, then your best approach is to systemise the process and allow your team to understand it in detail.

How to WOW your customers? This is something that creates an experience for them, something that sticks in their memory. This could be sending them a bar of chocolate as a gift or something bigger for passing you work or for no reason at all.

So every time you interact with clients, make it a remarkable experience that compels them to talk about you in a positive way which in turn drives people to want to work with you.