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We help you navigate your business through visible and hidden obstacles to help you make your dreams come true.

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How can we help you?

In the heart of the Welsh Countryside, in the county of Ceredigion, you will find DS Small Business Help Ltd working with other small businesses all over the UK.

We specialise in helping businesses achieve their goals as well as manage their statutory and tax responsibilities. Some of our existing clients will give you an idea of what we have done to help them.

Specialist Services

At DSSBH we look to set ourselves apart from other accountants and business advisors. We focus on pricing, systemisation and management buyouts.

Technical Stuff

We explore and provide advice on a range of ‘technical stuf’, including MTD, BREXIT and the Annual Budget.

Cloud Accounting

Cloud accounting is the way forward, and we have many reasons why. Visit this page to find out more, and get in touch with your questions.

Bookkeeping Services

Whether you operate through a limited company or partnership or as a sole trader, you have to maintain a record of your income and expenditure.


The changes to payroll systems in recent years have meant that keeping up is a challenge. Everything must now be done online.


You might be in profit but if your customers are not paying you, then you won’t have the cash to pay the tax bill/VAT bill.

Cloud Accounting

You may have heard about Cloud Accounting but not really understand how it can help your business.  We advocate its use for all business owners who want to run a profitable business.

Your 21st Century Advisors

We do our best to keep up with technology and embrace it to help deliver a fast and efficient service. We encourage the use of technology wherever possible.

  • Realtime accounting
  • Onling filing
  • As paperless an office as possible
  • GDPR compliant
  • Utilise technology for accounting compliance

Achieve your goals

We aim to bring clarity to our clients. That means we try and avoid using jargon. We want our clients to see value in the service they recdeive, and most of all we want our clints to run successful businesses.

We help our clients deal with issues before they become problems.

We recognise that every person and every business is unique, and so we tailor our services to each business.

What our customers say…

Dionne has been our accountant now for over 6 years. In that time, Dionne has helped and guided my business in good times and not so good times with honest and helpful advice. I would whole-heartedly recommend Dionne and DS Small Business Help to anyone who wants to work with a trusted advisor who can help your business grow.

Chris Maynard, Castle Vehicle Leasing Ltd

Dionne and the DSSBH team have provided an excellent service over many years. I know I am in safe hands and I have peace of mind knowing my accounts are being looked after properly.

Ms Sam Pearce


1. I seem to pay a lot more tax than my mate?

Everybody’s business is different and so are their tax affairs.  We are thorough in making sure our clients declare everything as well as make the maximum claims for reliefs.  Your mate doesn’t know everything about your business, and you don’t know everything about theirs, but there are so many factors that affect the amount of tax and national insurance due that a casual conversation is not going to give you an accurate picture.  Speak to a professional.

3. Why have I made a profit but got a big tax bill that I cannot afford to pay?

One of the biggest problems business owners have is recognising the difference between profit and cash.  If you have stock and debtors then it is possible that you are showing a profit but any cash is tied up.  It gets to be even more of an issue if you have expensive capital equipment such as machinery, vans or even buildings.  We work with our clients to help them manage their cashflow to minimise the problems they experience.

5. HMRC asks for an awful lot of tax in January.

If you are paying your personal self-assessment tax, it is a bit complicated.  We understand it, but it is difficult to explain.  If your income is going up that can also make your tax payment in January very high.  We recommend that our clients deal with their affairs as soon as possible after 5 April each year, so that we can give you the client and tax payer as much notice as possible about any tax that needs to be paid.

2. How can I tell how much money my business is making?

We advocate the use of cloud-based software.  There are many tools out their to help, but at the very basic level, if you instigate the use of bank feeds, automate the sending of invoices to your customers and keep your expense records up to date, you can, at the click of a button, see how your business is doing.  We can help you get this set up and running as smoothly as possible, so that you can focus on making a profit rather than worrying about keeping the books.

4. Why can’t I just pay somebody as a sub-contractor?

There is a myriad of legislation that decides whether a person is an employee or self-employed.  You can’t just decide to treat somebody as a self-employed subcontractor because tit is easier for you to manage.  You have to show that they are genuinely self-employed.  HMRC are much happier when they see a person is treated as an employee and if you don’t want them to be then you must be able to show HMRC that they are not an employee.  We can help you understand the pitfalls in all of this.

6. Do I need to use a qualified accountant?

We strongly recommend using an accountant with a relevant qualification.  Anybody can just call themselves an accountant – yes even you could set up an office and website and offer accountancy services!  If the firm or person is not qualified, you cannot guarantee that they have the experience and knowledge to deal with your affairs properly.  As a member of the ACCA, we are required to make sure we stay up to date and maintain certain standards.  If things do go wrong and you are not satisfied, you do have recourse.

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