Software Businesses

If you run a Software Business you have probably got a logical mindset, with a bit of creativity thrown in.  Accounts and bookkeeping, you know, can be automated and you are sure you will get around to doing it.  And you are sure you can deal with it by yourself – but then it doesn’t get done.  You are so busy trying to get everything done – market your product, set up new customers, resolve bugs in the software and make improvements to the software that you forget to take your own medicine.

You have developed this software to help other people run their businesses more efficiently and make the most of other tools available.  Yet, you aren’t doing the same in your business.  Sound familiar?  Don’t worry – we understand, and we are here to help.


What are your goals?

What do you want out of life?  What is your dream?  Dream big?

Why did you start your business?

Many people start a business for a variety of reasons.  The most common are:

    1. Because they are good at what they do and think they can do a better job than when they were employed by somebody else;
    2. Family circumstances are such that they need more flexibility;
    3. The economic situation means there are many jobs around and self-employment appears to be the only route available;
    4. A complete career change. Sometimes people have been in a career for many years and suddenly they have had enough and want to do something that they have always viewed as a hobby, but believe the can actually make a living.

Whatever the reason is, to avoid working ridiculous hours for very little money you need a plan.

If you haven’t articulated your goals and put together an action plan, you and your business will struggle to achieve its potential.

We have been working with Software Businesses for a number of years and we understand the frustrations –  we have seen them repeatedly.

Work with us and we will help you:

    • Work out exactly where you are right now.
    • Help you quantify what you need to make your dreams come true.
    • We will help you to set business goals.
    • We will help you identify the gap.
    • We will help you put together an action plan to close the gap.
    • We will help you implement strategies.
    • We will help you measure and monitor your results so that you stay on course.

If you want to know more book a 15-minute discovery call