How We Price Our Services

We are going to be honest and up front.  If this is the first page you have come to, to see if we are cheaper than the accountant down the road, or if you think your current accountant is too expensive and you are looking for a cheaper option, then we are probably not the firm for you.  If however, you are after a bespoke service which helps you achieve your life long aims through your business, please read on.

All of our services have three service levels, Premium, Full and Essential.  Premium services are for busy business owners  with more complex requirements who want the very best service.  Full services tend to be the most popular option because it provides that extra bit of help giving you time to focus on the important matters. Essential services are the basic services.  It is often suitable for those on a tighter budget or for whom the amount of help required is minimal.

Even within these service levels, there will be scope to include or exclude certain features so that ultimately, the investment you make and the service you get is tailored specifically to you.

Oh, and one more thing… once the service level and fee is fixed we have an option that lets you spread the payments…