Compliance – Payroll

Changes to Payroll

The changes to payroll systems in recent years have meant that keeping up is a challenge.  Everything must now be done online.  If you have more than 9 employees then you must use proprietary software.  Even if you can use HMRC’s own software, it’s not ideal and you can’t produce payslips.  And of course you now have to submit a report every time you are about to make a payment to staff.

How our Payroll Services will help you

  • We have years of expertise which means we know what needs to be done.  We can do this quickly and efficient for you which means you are not overwhelmed by it all
  • Your staff will be happy because they will get paid the right amount every month
  • We make sure the relevant information goes to HM Revenue & Customs – you don’t need to deal with them at all
  • We make sure you payroll is incorporated into the business accounts properly meaning your accounts are accurate

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