Compliance – Bookkeeping Services

Whether you operate through a limited company or partnership or as a sole trader, you have to maintain a record of your income and expenditure.  It can be mind-blowing and too often business owners end up doing their bookkeeping in the evenings or weekends, when you should be spending time with family.   The larger the business the more complex the bookkeeping.  If you are VAT registered this becomes even more complicated.

At DSSBH we advocate the use of simple and effective systems.  Our preferred option is Xero Online Accounting system.  The advantages are:

  • You can see your accounts at a glance – just log in and have a look
  • No secrets.  You know if the work has been done
  • We save you time.  Bookkeeping doesn’t earn you any money it just records the money you have earned, but it is necessary to make sure you are running a profitable business

We work with a number of clients on Xero and they love it.  It also means that if there is a problem or query, you just pick up the phone and we can both look at the data at the same time and sort it out there and then.

If you are spending too much time doing the bookkeepign or you just aren’t sure what you are doing, we can help. Just give Dionne a call on 07977 169206 or e-mail for more information.

Click the image to download our Bookkeeping brochure.

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