Your 21st Century Advisors

Here as DSSBH we do our best to keep up with technology and embrace it to help deliver a fast and efficient service.  We encourage the use of technology wherever possible:


  • Realtime accounting – aka Cloud accounting.  You can see your data on the go.  The bank transactions can be automatically downloaded.  You can send invoices directly from the software (automatically if you send the same invoice every month).  You can see at the touch of a button the progress your business is making this week, month or year.  And if you get stuck we will help you sort it out.
  • Online filing.  HM Revenue & Customs want everything filed online.  Companies House encourage things to be dealt with online as far as possible.  Our systems mean that we can file everything online to HMRC and Companies House and we get notification confirming the success.
  • We haven’t yet got to the paperless office, but we do have a less paper office and we send as much as possible to our clients, electronically for review and approval.  This means we spend more time doing the important work on your affairs and less time printing and sticking things in envelopes.
  • Recent more robust legislation (GDPR) means we have to be much more savvy with client data.  E-mail is not as secure as we would like it to be.  We transfer all of our files using an online portal.  As well as being more secure, it means you don’t have to trawl through old e-mails to find a file, it will be sat in the portal and easily found.
  • For many years the accountancy profession has got bogged down in compliance work with little time to really help their clients move their business forward.  With technology we spend less time dealing with the mundane compliance work, freeing us up to really help your business develop in the direction you want.