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Dionne has been married to David since 1986 and have two sons. They spent the first 26 years of marriage in their home county of Oxfordshire. However, an opportunity arose which meant they could achieve their dream of moving to Wales before they retired. They worship together at St Paul’s Methodist Centre in Aberystwyth and Dionne is also a Methodist Local Preacher, preaching around the Ceredigion Methodist Circuit. Since moving to Wales she has been learning Welsh. Dionne loves to sing and is a member of the music group in St Paul’s. She is also a very average guitar player, but helps out in the music group when the regular guitarist is unavailable. Dionne has got involved in village activities including training as a Community First Responder with the Welsh Ambulance Service and helping to run a Sunday School (Ysgol Sul Llangeitho) on a Wednesday afternoon, after school. Dionne and David also enjoy going to live sporting events – athletics, rugby, cricket and tennis are their favourites. Often they pitch their touring caravan at a local site and commute to the sporting venue. Their springer spaniel Molly, loves the caravan and sulks when its time to return home.


Matthew grew up in his home county of Oxfordshire for the first 24 years of his life. He began his working career in the pub trade at 19 but at 24 decided to move to Wales and begin studying in the accountancy profession. He is studying for the AAT with the support of Dionne who also happens to be his mum. Matthew is an avid gamer and as a hobby enjoys running a small Youtube channel in his spare time. He and his girlfriend have recently just purchased their first property in Wales. He grew up in the music world learning piano and drums, going to many music venues and watching bands play and even spent his college days on a music course. He is a fan of the comic universe although he wouldn’t consider himself massively knowledgeable about it all, but he has a small comic collection, very much enjoys the films and tv shows and has even been to a convention or two about the franchises. Matthew has never been much of a sports person so in turn spends most of his free time playing his video games, recording videos, and every couple of months makes a trip back to his home town to spend some time with his friends.